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Compendium of Tall Ships

June 11, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

This is a compendium of tall ships circuiting or entering Halifax Harbour. These magnificent vessels visit every few years and are always worth the wait. Set up early with a medium zoom lens like a 70-200mm f2.8 and enjoy the spectacle.

Compendium of Tall Ships

Alexander Von Humboldt II 100Alexander Von Humboldt II 100 Alexander Von Humboldt II 101Alexander Von Humboldt II 101 ATYLA 100ATYLA 100 ATYLA 101ATYLA 101 ATYLA 102ATYLA 102 Blue Clipper 100Blue Clipper 100 Blue Clipper 101Blue Clipper 101 Bluenose 11 100Bluenose 11 100SONY DSC Bluenose 11 101Bluenose 11 101 Bluenose 11 102Bluenose 11 102 Cisne Branco 100Cisne Branco 100SONY DSC Danfor 100Danfor 100 El Galeon 100El Galeon 100 El Galeon 101El Galeon 101 El Galeon 102El Galeon 102 Gazela 100Gazela 100 Gulden Leeuw 100Gulden Leeuw 100 Gulden Leeuw 101Gulden Leeuw 101 HMCS Oriole 100HMCS Oriole 100 HMCS Oriole 101HMCS Oriole 101 Larinda 100Larinda 100 Larinda 101Larinda 101 Mist of Avalon 100Mist of Avalon 100 NRP Sagres 100NRP Sagres 100 Oosterschelde 100Oosterschelde 100 Oosterschelde 101Oosterschelde 101 Peter von Danzig 100Peter von Danzig 100 Picton Castle 100Picton Castle 100 Pride of Baltimore 11 100Pride of Baltimore 11 100 Regina-Germania 100Regina-Germania 100 Renaissance 11 100Renaissance 11 100SONY DSC Silva 100Silva 100SONY DSC Simon Bolivar 100Simon Bolivar 100 Simon Bolivar 101Simon Bolivar 101 Sloop 11A20623 100Sloop 11A20623 100SONY DSC Spaniel 100Spaniel 100 Spaniel 101Spaniel 101 Spirit of Bermuda 100Spirit of Bermuda 100 Spirit of Bermuda 101Spirit of Bermuda 101 Spirit of South Carolina 102Spirit of South Carolina 102 Spirit of Southern Carolina 100Spirit of Southern Carolina 100 Spirit of Southern Carolina 101Spirit of Southern Carolina 101 St. Lawrence II 100St. Lawrence II 100 St. Lawrence II 101St. Lawrence II 101 Tavoy IV 100Tavoy IV 100SONY DSC The Bounty 100The Bounty 100 The Bounty and Pride of Baltimore II 100The Bounty and Pride of Baltimore II 100 The Bounty and Pride of Baltimore II 101The Bounty and Pride of Baltimore II 101 Tree of Life 100Tree of Life 100 Tree of Life 101Tree of Life 101 USCGS Eagle 100USCGS Eagle 100 USCGS Eagle 101USCGS Eagle 101 USCGS Eagle 102USCGS Eagle 102 Whitebird 100Whitebird 100 Wylde Swan 100Wylde Swan 100