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Dr. Ian Mclaren

August 10, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

When Laura and I first came to Nova Scotia in 2000 we went on a field trip led by Ian Mclaren to Martinique Beach Provincial Park. We found early Ipswich Sparrows, a bird that was a particular love of his, and Piping Plovers. Ian wrote a book on Ipswich Sparrows with W. T. Stobo to demonstrate his belief that the Ipswich Sparrow was a species on its own merit and not a subspecies. He gracefully gave my a copy of this book and I have been convinced thereafter that he was right. I will always personally recognize the Ipswich Sparrow as a species. This magnificent bird bunches along the beaches of Nova Scotia like Martinique Beach building strength and fat reserves in preparation for their flight over the open Atlantic Ocean to Sable Island, to breed. His birder's masterwork, "All the Birds of Nova Scotia", is my go to book for any confusion I encounter on Nova Scotia Birds. I contributed a few photos so he gave a signed copy which I will always treasure. He drove from Halifax to our home in Portuguese Cove to deliver the book. What class!

Ian was a gentleman who had time for everyone, time to share his experience and knowledge of Nova Scotia Birds. He was the photographic editor of Nova Scotia Birds magazine when I was the seasonal editor of Flycatchers to Thrushes so we had numerous exchanges. This man who was the best of us will be remembered by many for his contributions to science and the human experience within the natural world

This is the obituary of Ian Alexander Mclaren from the Halifax Chronicle Herald newspaper of August 1, 2020.

Ian MclarenIan Mclaren