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Carolina Wren

April 19, 2021

The wrens are a wonderful family of birds with a wide variation in song types; the haunting woodland song of the Winter Wren unequaled by almost any bird, the mixed jumble of notes from the Marsh Wren, the awe inspiring jaw dropping melody of the Canyon Wren and the exuberance of the Carolina Wren. All these songs come from such a diminutive bird.

I met a Carolina Wren several years ago in the dead of winter and got some wonderful photos. The photos from this example are not too bad either:)

The wrens are feisty and meticulous. I foolishly put a layer of sawdust on the bottom of a wren box which was on the side of our house. Sure enough the House Wren who was moving in removed every speck of the sawdust and dropped it on the ground in front of the wren house. It started building the nest from scratch properly this time without human assistance. I watched this House Wren complain about a nearby red squirrel for a time and then watched as it flew at the red squirrel and knocked it from a tree branch to the ground. We kept our distance.

It was a successful nesting. Interestingly all the young wrens fledged and disappeared over night or early in the morning. There was a major fuss as the nestlings were fed one evening but the next morning they were all gone.

Carolina Wren

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