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Cape Chignecto Provincial Park Adventure Day 24, July 22

July 23, 2021

A tropical rain storm greeted our morning. Laura stayed at the cottage reading a book from the free libraries that have popped up roadside while I drove about in the rain looking for photographic opportunities and challenges.

The rain did let up later in the day and we were able to enjoy our evening walk along the beach to the red rocks.

Alder Flycatcher

Alder Flycatcher 220Alder Flycatcher 220

Cape Chignecto

Cape Chignecto 220Cape Chignecto 220

Cape d'Or Cape d'Or 220Cape d'Or 220

Cape Split

Cape Split 220Cape Split 220 Cape Split 221Cape Split 221 Cape Split 222Cape Split 222

At the Dockside

Dockside 220Dockside 220 Dockside 221Dockside 221 Dockside 222Dockside 222 Dockside 223Dockside 223 Dockside 224Dockside 224 Dockside 225Dockside 225 Dockside 226Dockside 226 Dockside 227Dockside 227

Isle Haute and Cape Chegnecto

  Isle Haute and Cape Chegnecto 220Isle Haute and Cape Chegnecto 220 Isle Haute and Cape Chegnecto 221Isle Haute and Cape Chegnecto 221


Memories 220Memories 220 Memories 221Memories 221 Memories 222Memories 222 Memories 223Memories 223

Red Rock Falls

Red Rock Falls 220Red Rock Falls 220 Red Rock Falls 221Red Rock Falls 221 Red Rock Falls 222Red Rock Falls 222 Red Rock Falls 223Red Rock Falls 223 Red Rock Falls 224Red Rock Falls 224 Red Rock Falls 225Red Rock Falls 225

Sunset Over Cape Chignecto

Sunset Over Cape Chignecto 220Sunset Over Cape Chignecto 220 Sunset Over Cape Chignecto 221Sunset Over Cape Chignecto 221 Sunset Over Cape Chignecto 222Sunset Over Cape Chignecto 222 Sunset Over Cape Chignecto 223Sunset Over Cape Chignecto 223 Sunset Over Cape Chignecto 224Sunset Over Cape Chignecto 224