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Cape Chignecto Provincial Park Adventure, Day 25, July 23

July 25, 2021

There was sunshine in the morning which gave us an opportunity to visit the Cape d'Or Light. The hike down to the light is easy enough but there was a lot of huffing and puffing as we came back up the hill. The weather deteriorated in the afternoon but it did provide an opportunity to photograph the unusual and dramatic cloud formations.

Late Day Clouds

Active Clouds 232Active Clouds 232 Active Clouds 233Active Clouds 233 Active Clouds 234Active Clouds 234 Active Clouds 235Active Clouds 235 Active Clouds 236Active Clouds 236 Active Clouds 237Active Clouds 237

The Bluffs at Cape d'Or

Cape d'Or Coastal Cliff 230Cape d'Or Coastal Cliff 230 Cape d'Or Coastal Cliff 231Cape d'Or Coastal Cliff 231 Cape d'Or Coastal Cliff 232Cape d'Or Coastal Cliff 232 Cape d'Or Coastal Cliff 233Cape d'Or Coastal Cliff 233 Cape d'Or Coastal Cliff 234Cape d'Or Coastal Cliff 234 Cape d'Or Coastal Cliff 235Cape d'Or Coastal Cliff 235 Cape d'Or Coastal Cliff 236Cape d'Or Coastal Cliff 236 Cape d'Or Coastal Cliff 237Cape d'Or Coastal Cliff 237 Cape d'Or Coastal Cliff 238Cape d'Or Coastal Cliff 238 Cape d'Or Coastal Cliff 239Cape d'Or Coastal Cliff 239

Lightkeeper's Buildings

Cape d'Or Homes 230Cape d'Or Homes 230 Cape d'Or Light 230Cape d'Or Light 230

Tide Rip

The tidal rips run like a river.

Cape d'Or Light 231Cape d'Or Light 231 Cape d'Or Light 232Cape d'Or Light 232 Cape d'Or Light 233Cape d'Or Light 233 Cape d'Or Light 234Cape d'Or Light 234 Cape d'Or Tide 230Cape d'Or Tide 230 Cape d'Or Tide 231Cape d'Or Tide 231

Ominous Evening Cloud

Clouds over Cape d'Or 230Clouds over Cape d'Or 230


Memories 230Memories 230


Night Shade 230Night Shade 230 Night Shade 231Night Shade 231

Tidal Pond

Seaside Pond 230Seaside Pond 230 Seaside Pond 231Seaside Pond 231

Sunset Over Cape Chignecto

Sunset Over Cape Chignecto 230Sunset Over Cape Chignecto 230 Sunset Over Cape Chignecto 231Sunset Over Cape Chignecto 231

Cape d'Or From the Cape Chignecto

Thunder Heads 230Thunder Heads 230 Thunder Heads 231Thunder Heads 231 Trail to Blue Rocks 230Trail to Blue Rocks 230