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Sundew and Monarch Butterfly

August 01, 2022

Laura and I took a hike along the coastal barrens in search of orchids and other good things. We found a few Monarch Butterflies which I photographed with an inappropriate lens that required severe cropping of the images. We were here to photograph cruise ships and orchids and not butterflies. Carrying more than two or three lenses is a burden. We also found some Little Club-spur Orchids

The highlight of the hike was a colony of Sundew, a predatory plant, nasty but beautiful.

Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly 100Monarch Butterfly 100 Monarch Butterfly 101Monarch Butterfly 101 Monarch Butterfly 103Monarch Butterfly 103

Sundew Sundew 100Sundew 100 Sundew 101Sundew 101 Sundew 102Sundew 102 Sundew 103Sundew 103 Sundew 104Sundew 104