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Woodland Orchids and Wildflowers

August 03, 2022

Laura and I went on the hunt for Helleborine Orchid and Coralroot Orchid. We had no luck with the latter but the Helleborine Orchid is close to blooming, but is tricky to photograph.

We also discovered a new to us woodland wildflower, the Tall Hairy Agrimony. It's tall and the stalk is hairy so we ruled out Woodland Agrimony but we stand to be corrected.

Another highlight was fine examples of Indian Pipe, a chlorophyll free plant. We often see them in groups in August.

The first two photos are from trips of previous years.

Coralroot Orchid

Coralroot OrchidCoralroot Orchid

Helleborine Orchid

Helleborine OrchidHelleborine Orchid

Tall Hairy Agrimony

This example was blooming beside the trail but I will have to wait for a cloudy day to bring out the details of the flower. The bright sunlight washed out the flower.

Tall Hairy Agrimony 100Tall Hairy Agrimony 100


Helleborine Orchid

Helleborine Orchid 100Helleborine Orchid 100 Helleborine Orchid 101Helleborine Orchid 101 Helleborine Orchid 102Helleborine Orchid 102 Helleborine Orchid 103Helleborine Orchid 103 Helleborine Orchid 104Helleborine Orchid 104 Helleborine Orchid 105Helleborine Orchid 105

Indian Pipe

Indian Pipe 100Indian Pipe 100 Indian Pipe 101Indian Pipe 101 Indian Pipe 102Indian Pipe 102