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Queen Mary 2 and Norwegian Pearl

October 02, 2023

I had planned on photographing the Queen Mary 2 on its morning arrival but the pea soup fog put an end to that plan. So plan B was to photograph her on her departure. It was an excellent opportunity to exercise my 45mm F1.2 lens. I bought this high speed lens specifically for nighttime photography, cityscapes, street photography and of course this magificant ocean liner, the Queen Mary 2, departing Halifax at near total dark. Boy, I was not disappointed with this lens, the Leica 45mm F1.2.

The Queen Mary 2 is the only ocean liner in the world and capable of year round transatlantic crossings. Its stronger and faster than any cruise ship.

I photographed it at about 7:20 PM from my favourite rock located about half way between Chebucto Head and Shoal Point, opposite Parliament Rock.

Queen Mary 2

Queen Mary 2 700Queen Mary 2 700 Queen Mary 2 701Queen Mary 2 701 Queen Mary 2 702Queen Mary 2 702 Queen Mary 2 703Queen Mary 2 703 Queen Mary 2 704Queen Mary 2 704 Queen Mary 2 705Queen Mary 2 705

Norwegian Pearl

The Norwegian Pearl preceded the Queen Mary 2 out of the harbour in brighter light.

Norwegian Pearl 200Norwegian Pearl 200 Norwegian Pearl 201Norwegian Pearl 201 Norwegian Pearl 202Norwegian Pearl 202 Norwegian Pearl 203Norwegian Pearl 203 Norwegian Pearl 204Norwegian Pearl 204