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Lewis Lake Warbler Walk, Jerry Lawrence Provincial Park

June 02, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I lead my annual warbler walk at Jerry Lawrence Provincial Park on the first Sunday in June starting at 7AM, this year it was June 1. The warbler walk is sponsored by the Five Bridges Wilderness Heritage Trust.

This year we had near perfect conditions with bright sunshine and cool temperatures in the morning. The cool morning kept the black flies at bay and allowed us to enjoy the whole walk without being tormented. There were thirteen of us in this years group of beginners and more experienced birders.

Lewis Lake Warbler Walk June1, 2014Lewis Lake Warbler Walk June1, 2014On the trail at Lewis Lake for my annual warbler walk


We heard 14 warbler species and saw all of them except the Canada Warbler who sang with authority but stayed hidden in the tangled undergrowth and wet understory of its preferred habitat. On hand were; Nashville, Northern Parula, Yellow, Chestnut-sided, Magnolia, Black-throated Blue, Yellow-rumped, Black-throated Green, Palm, Black-and-White, American Redstart, Ovenbird, Common Yellowthroat and the much coveted Canada Warbler. Flycatchers seen and heard were Alder Flycatcher and Eastern Wood-Pewee. The usual bunch of sparrows were present; Song, Swamp, White-throated Sparrows, and Dark-eyed Junco. Raptors included a pair of Osprey fishing over Round Lake, and probable but unconfirmed sightings of Sharp-shinned Hawk and Broad-winged Hawk. We looked unsucessfully for the Spotted Sandpiper that nests at the pond north of the beaver dam. Blue-headed and Red-eyed Vireos were present as was Mourning Dove, American Robin, Hermit Thrush, American Goldfinch, Purple Finch, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Northern Flicker, Black-backed Gull, Ring-necked Pheasant, Common Loon and Great Blue Heron.

It was a good day and enjoyed by all.