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Recent Birds

July 17, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I went to Meisner's Point again, for the last time this year, to search for the suddenly elusive Blackpoll Warbler. Once again I found my bird and once again I had very little luck in getting a decent photograph. The following is the best that I could muster so I may have to wait until shore bird season, Martinique Beach to Flying Point. Flying Point is loaded up with Blackpoll Warblers and Nelson's Sparrow although it is a trudge.

Blackpoll WarblerBlackpoll WarblerBlackpoll Warbler

Meisner's Point did produce Common Yellowthroat and Yellow Warbler.


Common YellowthroatCommon YellowthroatCommon Yellowthroat

Yellow WarblerYellow WarblerYellow Warbler Yellow WarblerYellow WarblerYellow Warbler

I went to Jerry Lawrence Provincial Park to listen for the Canada Warbler but if it's where I last heard it's silent now. My consulation was a Hermit Thrush.

Hermit ThrushHermit ThrushHermit Thrush Hermit ThrushHermit ThrushHermit Thrush

At Dollar Lake Provincial Park I met Swainson's Thrush and Eastern Wood-Pewee.


Swainsons ThrushSwainsons ThrushSwainsons Thrush