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The Great Northern Peninsula Day 4 Afternoon of Our Newfoundland Adventure

July 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

We spent the afternoon of day 5 exploring the local coastline looking for more wildflowers, icebergs and moose.

We had seen lots of moose but they were wary and would scurry off into the woods at our approach. I did manage a couple of decent photos but you have to act fast and stay hidden.

Here's a safety tip. Never drive at night or the predawn hours in Newfoundland. The moose come to roadsides to lick the previous winter's salt.

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This iceberg was off St. Anthony. NFLDay4(1)-78NFLDay4(1)-78 NFLDay4(1)-79NFLDay4(1)-79 NFLDay4(1)-82NFLDay4(1)-82 NFLDay4(1)-83NFLDay4(1)-83 NFLDay4(1)-84NFLDay4(1)-84 NFLDay4(1)-86NFLDay4(1)-86

This is a nordic theme restaurant where you eat with your hands and big wooden spoons. There are no vegetarians here.  NFLDay4(1)-87NFLDay4(1)-87 NFLDay4(1)-88NFLDay4(1)-88 NFLDay4(1)-89NFLDay4(1)-89 NFLDay4(1)-90NFLDay4(1)-90 NFLDay4(1)-93NFLDay4(1)-93 NFLDay4(1)-94NFLDay4(1)-94 NFLDay4(1)-95NFLDay4(1)-95 NFLDay4(1)-96NFLDay4(1)-96 NFLDay4(1)-97NFLDay4(1)-97 NFLDay4(1)-98NFLDay4(1)-98 NFLDay4(1)-99NFLDay4(1)-99

Local gardeners corral their plots on public lands beside the roadside. NFLDay4(1)-100NFLDay4(1)-100