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The Great Northern Peninsula Day 4 Morning of Newfoundland Adventure

July 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This is our fourth day of the trip and things will start to get exciting now. We spent two nights at Pistolet Bay Provincial Park. The park staff were wonderfull, very friendly and helpfull. We spent the morning exploring the local scenes and finding a route to Burnt Cape and the arctic wildflowers. We will visit L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site plus lots more icebergs in the afternoon

The map below shows the area we traversed in the morning. Fog, rain and wind still prevailed but less so with the sky brightening from time to time.

The coastline was spectacular as usual.

NFLDay4-176NFLDay4-176 NFLDay4-177NFLDay4-177 NFLDay4-178NFLDay4-178 NFLDay4-179NFLDay4-179

This cemetery and surrounding area had us encountering our first arctic flowers. Arctic flowers often grow further south particularly in the higher altitudes of the western mountain ranges. Mid July is not a good time for arctic wildflowers but our timing was predicated on the visits to Cape St. Mary's and Witless Bay for the nesting sea bird displays. 

The Cemetery NFLDay4-180NFLDay4-180 NFLDay4-181NFLDay4-181



Unidentified so Far NFLDay4-183NFLDay4-183

Moss Campion NFLDay4-184NFLDay4-184

Roseroot NFLDay4-185NFLDay4-185 NFLDay4-186NFLDay4-186

Unidentified so Far

NFLDay4-187NFLDay4-187 NFLDay4-188NFLDay4-188 NFLDay4-189NFLDay4-189 NFLDay4-190NFLDay4-190 NFLDay4-191NFLDay4-191 NFLDay4-192NFLDay4-192

This monster was photographed with a serious telephoto lens. NFLDay4-193NFLDay4-193 NFLDay4-194NFLDay4-194 NFLDay4-195NFLDay4-195

This iceberg may have blocked the harbour.  NFLDay4-196NFLDay4-196 NFLDay4-198NFLDay4-198 NFLDay4-199NFLDay4-199

We saw lots of moose but this is the first one I managed to photograph.  NFLDay4-200NFLDay4-200


Serendipity Indeed NFLDay4-202NFLDay4-202 NFLDay4-203NFLDay4-203 NFLDay4-204NFLDay4-204