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The Great Northern Peninsula Day 4 of our Newfoundland Adventure, L 'Anse aux Meadows

July 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

L 'Anse aux Meadows was the first of four targets for our Newfoundland trip. The second is Burnt Cape for arctic wildflowers which we will do tomorrow, third is Cape St. Mary's for alcids and Northern Gannets and fourth is Witless Bay for more alcids especially the Atlantic Puffin and Humpback Whales. We expect to see many more icebergs everywhere.

L 'Anse aux Meadows was a way stop for norsemen on their way to New Brunswick to pick grapes. Apparently, this uncommon grape is only found in New Brunswick and remnants of the grape were found at L 'Anse aux Meadows. The norsemen sure liked their wine.

More information on the place can be found here:

This photo is Laura posing at the sculpture at the entrance to L 'Anse aux Meadows. Her attire is an indication of the weather conditions, cold and windy but the rain did let up for our walkabout.


The sculpture is a commissioned work.


The boardwalk to the site, about a one kilometre leisurely walk.  NFLDay4-125NFLDay4-125 NFLDay4-126NFLDay4-126 NFLDay4-127NFLDay4-127 NFLDay4-128NFLDay4-128

The palisade around the compound.  NFLDay4-129NFLDay4-129 NFLDay4-130NFLDay4-130 NFLDay4-131NFLDay4-131

There are several photographs of the interior of the structures; sleeping areas, food preparation and storage, foundry, weaving and outer ware.  NFLDay4-132NFLDay4-132 NFLDay4-133NFLDay4-133 NFLDay4-134NFLDay4-134 NFLDay4-135NFLDay4-135 NFLDay4-136NFLDay4-136 NFLDay4-137NFLDay4-137 NFLDay4-139NFLDay4-139 NFLDay4-140NFLDay4-140 NFLDay4-141NFLDay4-141 NFLDay4-142NFLDay4-142 NFLDay4-143NFLDay4-143 NFLDay4-144NFLDay4-144 NFLDay4-145NFLDay4-145 NFLDay4-146NFLDay4-146 NFLDay4-147NFLDay4-147 NFLDay4-148NFLDay4-148 NFLDay4-149NFLDay4-149 NFLDay4-150NFLDay4-150 NFLDay4-151NFLDay4-151 NFLDay4-153NFLDay4-153 NFLDay4-155NFLDay4-155 NFLDay4-156NFLDay4-156 NFLDay4-157NFLDay4-157 NFLDay4-158NFLDay4-158 NFLDay4-159NFLDay4-159 NFLDay4-160NFLDay4-160 NFLDay4-163NFLDay4-163

The Visitor Centre NFLDay4-168NFLDay4-168 NFLDay4-169NFLDay4-169