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The Great Northern Peninsula Day 5 of our Newfoundland Adventure- Burnt Cape

July 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

We started the day with the long awaited trip to Burnt Cape, renowned for arctic wildflowers. It was a fifteen minute drive from our campsite to Raleigh. This took us directly to a T junction at the water's edge. We turned left and followed the coastline and part way up the hill to Burnt Cape. We couldn't risk going further in our motorhome so we continued on foot. Fortunately, it didn't rain although it was overcast.

My tale of woe relates to my Nikon 200mm micro lens(brand new) supposedly the best available from anyone, according to the "fan boys"**. The lens is a door stop in disguise. The autofocus locks and takes photos even when the subject is out of focus and the focus limiter has no lock so it moves with a slight jar ensuring a row of useless photos since it takes out of focus photos anyways.

The good news is despite the shoddy performance of my lens we enjoyed our hike and the wildflowers were abundant and everywhere.

** "Fan boys" is a derogatory name for those that mindlessly parrot the virtues of a particular make or model of photo gear.

Route to Burnt Cape from Pistolet Provincial Park is shown here.

Laura posing beside our motorhome on Burnt Cape.

I won't identify the wildflowers until a later time but here is a good website for wildflowers of Newfoundland: NFLDay5-63NFLDay5-63 NFLDay5-64NFLDay5-64 NFLDay5-65NFLDay5-65 NFLDay5-66NFLDay5-66

This photograph is looking back towards Raleigh from Burnt Cape.  NFLDay5-68NFLDay5-68 NFLDay5-69NFLDay5-69 NFLDay5-70NFLDay5-70 NFLDay5-71NFLDay5-71 NFLDay5-72NFLDay5-72 NFLDay5-75NFLDay5-75 NFLDay5-77NFLDay5-77 NFLDay5-78NFLDay5-78 NFLDay5-79NFLDay5-79 NFLDay5-80NFLDay5-80 NFLDay5-81NFLDay5-81 NFLDay5-82NFLDay5-82 NFLDay5-84NFLDay5-84

Laura is near the top of Burnt Cape.

NFLDay5-91NFLDay5-91 NFLDay5-92NFLDay5-92 NFLDay5-96NFLDay5-96 NFLDay5-97NFLDay5-97 NFLDay5-98NFLDay5-98 NFLDay5-99NFLDay5-99