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Swainson's Hawk

November 28, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

During long periods of lousy weather I rumage through old files to see what I can find. This photograph of a Swainson's Hawk is interesting not so much for its presentation, which is lacking, but rather as an example of a reconstitued photograph from the very early days of digital photographs. I believe I took this photo about 2003, or so, during one of my cross Canada drives. If a drive from Pacific Rim National Park, BC, to Cape Spear, NFL is not on your bucket list I highly recommend you add it. The drive from Banff National Park to Jasper along the road through Jasper National Park is the most soul filling experience of a lifetime. You do have to like Bighorn Sheep, Grizzley Bear, Blue Grouse, Willow and White-tailed Ptarmigan and my favourite the Steller's Jay. The Steller's Jay was named after a German ignoring indigenous people's names, as usual.

Back in those days I was using lousy digital cameras, about 6.2mp, and lousy zoom lenses typically 75-300mm or the like. The results were terrible compared to the performance of current equipment and imaging software.

I took this photo in a Saskatchewan Provincial Park near dusk. I have several in the set but this one is the best.

I am sure the Cree, Dakota, Dene (Chipewyan), Nakota (Assniboine) and Saulteaux peoples had named and loved this bird thousands of years before the "white man" arrived so why did we name it after an englishman?

Swainson's Hawk