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White Pelican

December 02, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

This post is about my continuing series of old photographs from the early days of digital photography.

The White Pelican is the most magnificent flying bird Laura and I have ever seen. We used to visit Lockport north of Winnipeg and enjoy lunch while watching the White Pelicans soar over the dam. They would catch an updraft and gracefully circle in sprirals higher and higher until they were out of sight all this without moving a wing, an effortless rise to a height from where they could glide again without effort to their distination. They would fish in the bubbling pools at the base of Lockeport dam.

Sadly there is a story of slaughter inflected upon this magnificent bird. Some fisherman working Lake Winnipeg will visit the White Pelican nesting colonies and smash all the eggs. It never occurs to these butchers that its the fishing by them that is depleting the lake's fish harvest, not the White Pelicans.

White Pelican

These White Pelicans are resting at the base of the Lockeport Dam. These communal feeders use a schooling tactic to corral the fish to scoop them up in bunches into their ample pouches on their lower bill.

This White Pelican was photographed in Nova Scotia, a local rarity!