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Harbour Seal, Butcher's Falls and Ipswich Sparrow

April 04, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Winter's icy grip is slowly receding and humans can get out and about again onto the beaches and into the woodlands.

Butcher's Falls is a common destination although I do not recommend a weekend visit. There is still some ice and snow but photographically is still very pleasant.

Butcher's Falls

Butcher's Falls 1Butcher's Falls 1 Butcher's Falls 2Butcher's Falls 2 Butcher's Falls 3Butcher's Falls 3

A visit to Crystal Crescent Beach provided a modelling harbour seal and another Ipswich Sparrow. Not to worry folks that's only sand in and around the seal's eye.

Harbour Seal

I was about twenty(20) feet from the seal when I took these photos.

Harbour Seal 1Harbour Seal 1 Harbour Seal 2Harbour Seal 2

Harbour seals are easily recognized by their dog like face. Harbour Seal 3Harbour Seal 3

Ipswich Sparrow

Also at Crystal Crescent Beach Ipswich Sparrow 8Ipswich Sparrow 8