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Martinique Beach Piping Plovers

April 15, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

A trip to Martinique Beach, our first outing of the year, yielded a superb day albeit with cold offshore winds. A pair of Piping Plovers worked the rising tide whilst dodging the usual irresponsible dog owners and their animals.

Martinique Beach
Laura Martinique Beach 2Laura Martinique Beach 2 Martinique Beach 1Martinique Beach 1
Piping Plover Pair Piping Plover 1Piping Plover 1 Piping Plover 2Piping Plover 2 Piping Plover 3Piping Plover 3 Piping Plover 4Piping Plover 4 Piping Plover 5Piping Plover 5 Piping Plover 6Piping Plover 6 Piping Plover 7Piping Plover 7 Piping Plover 8Piping Plover 8 Piping Plover 9Piping Plover 9
Dressed for the Weather
Laura Martinique Beach 1Laura Martinique Beach 1