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Fringed White Orchid(White Bog Orchid)

July 29, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I look for this elegant orchid in sphagnum bogs. I finally found a pair and despite soaking my hiking shoes and socks and nearly falling into a roadside ditch I succeeded in obtaining a few photos. The orchid is just beginning to open so I will return in a week and this time I will wear rubber boots and use my hiking staff. I might even put a plank across the ditch.

Fringed White Orchid

Fringed White Orchid 20Fringed White Orchid 20 Fringed White Orchid 21Fringed White Orchid 21 Fringed White Orchid 22Fringed White Orchid 22 Fringed White Orchid 23Fringed White Orchid 23 Fringed White Orchid 24Fringed White Orchid 24