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The Queens

July 29, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

The Queens visited Halifax last Friday. The Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth arrived together coming in line. The Queen Mary 2 came from the north-east and the Queen Elizabeth came from the south-west, having passed through the Panama Canal from Los Angles. They met outside the harbour and I snapped photos of them together.

It was early in the morning so the sun was against me which has advantages and disadvantages(mostly). Unfortunately I was unable to return for their departure with favourable sun. Ships are closer to shore when leaving the harbour thanks to the pass on the right rule of navigation.

The Queens Arriving off Chebucto Head

Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth 100Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth 100 Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth 101Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth 101

Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth 103Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth 103

Queen Mary 2

This is a photo stitch of four photos, a panoramic composite, originally almost 150MP in size.


Queen Elizabeth

The Queens are easy to tell apart since the Queen Mary 2 is an ocean liner it has much higher freeboard(distance from water to top of hull), about one half of the overall height, whereas the Queen Elizabeth's freeboard is about one third of her overall height. The Queen Elizabeth is fast for a cruise ship at 24 knots but no match for the Queen Mary 2 which can move at 30 knots.

Queen Elizabeth 301Queen Elizabeth 301
Queen Elizabeth 302Queen Elizabeth 302 Queen Elizabeth 303Queen Elizabeth 303 Queen Elizabeth 304Queen Elizabeth 304 Queen Elizabeth 308Queen Elizabeth 308 Queen Elizabeth 309Queen Elizabeth 309 Queen Elizabeth 311Queen Elizabeth 311 Queen Elizabeth 312Queen Elizabeth 312 Queen Elizabeth 313Queen Elizabeth 313 Queen Elizabeth 314Queen Elizabeth 314 Queen Elizabeth 315Queen Elizabeth 315 Queen Elizabeth 316Queen Elizabeth 316 Queen Elizabeth 317Queen Elizabeth 317 Queen Elizabeth 318Queen Elizabeth 318 Queen Elizabeth 319Queen Elizabeth 319 Queen Elizabeth 320Queen Elizabeth 320 Queen Elizabeth 321Queen Elizabeth 321

Queen Mary 2 Queen Mary 2 237Queen Mary 2 237 Queen Mary 2 329Queen Mary 2 329 Queen Mary 2 330Queen Mary 2 330 Queen Mary 2 331Queen Mary 2 331 Queen Mary 2 332Queen Mary 2 332 Queen Mary 2 333Queen Mary 2 333 Queen Mary 2 334Queen Mary 2 334 Queen Mary 2 336Queen Mary 2 336 Queen Mary 2 337Queen Mary 2 337 Queen Mary 2 343Queen Mary 2 343 Queen Mary 2 344Queen Mary 2 344 Queen Mary 2 345Queen Mary 2 345 Queen Mary 2 346Queen Mary 2 346 Queen Mary 2 347Queen Mary 2 347 Queen Mary 2 348Queen Mary 2 348 Queen Mary 2 349Queen Mary 2 349 Queen Mary 2 350Queen Mary 2 350