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Monarch, Painted Lady and Fritillary Butterflies

August 07, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

It was a good day for butterflies in my area of Nova Scotia. August, September and October always seem to be the most productive months.

Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly 102Monarch Butterfly 102 Monarch Butterfly 103Monarch Butterfly 103 Monarch Butterfly 104Monarch Butterfly 104 Monarch Butterfly 105Monarch Butterfly 105 Monarch Butterfly 106Monarch Butterfly 106 Monarch Butterfly 107Monarch Butterfly 107 Monarch Butterfly 108Monarch Butterfly 108 Monarch Butterfly 109Monarch Butterfly 109 Monarch Butterfly 110Monarch Butterfly 110 Monarch Butterfly 111Monarch Butterfly 111 Monarch Butterfly 112Monarch Butterfly 112 Monarch Butterfly 113Monarch Butterfly 113 Monarch Butterfly 114Monarch Butterfly 114 Monarch Butterfly 115Monarch Butterfly 115

Painted Lady Butterfly Painted Lady 50Painted Lady 50

Silver-bordered Fritillary Butterfly

Painted Lady 51Painted Lady 51

Painted Lady Butterfly Painted Lady 52Painted Lady 52 Painted Lady 53Painted Lady 53

Silver-bordered Fritillary Butterfly Silver-bordered Fritillary 50Silver-bordered Fritillary 50 Silver-bordered Fritillary 51Silver-bordered Fritillary 51 Silver-bordered Fritillary 52Silver-bordered Fritillary 52 Silver-bordered Fritillary 53Silver-bordered Fritillary 53 Silver-bordered Fritillary 54Silver-bordered Fritillary 54 Silver-bordered Fritillary 55Silver-bordered Fritillary 55 Silver-bordered Fritillary 56Silver-bordered Fritillary 56 Silver-bordered Fritillary 57Silver-bordered Fritillary 57 Silver-bordered Fritillary 58Silver-bordered Fritillary 58 Silver-bordered Fritillary 59Silver-bordered Fritillary 59