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Cape Chignecto Provincial Park Adventure Day 27, July 25

July 26, 2021 - Laura and I hiked the Eatonville Trail as far as we dared. It was rough, steep and with sections of high grass which nec...
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Cape Chignecto Provincial Park Adventure Day 26, July 24

July 25, 2021 - On Saturday we drive into Parrsboro for supplies. There are good sand beaches between Advocate and Parrsboro but unfortu...
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Cape Chignecto Provincial Park Adventure Day 20, July 18

July 19, 2021 - The Eastern Bluebirds and Tree Swallows will fledge (obtain flight feathers) tonight or tomorrow morning. I will visit t...
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Canadian Tiger Swallowtail

June 06, 2020 - The Canadian Tiger Swallowtail is a different butterfly species from the Tiger Swallowtail. Its common and widespread in...
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Painted Lady Butterfly

May 30, 2020 - In my field experience the Painted Lady is our most common coloured butterfly. The sulphurs and whites are probably the...
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Pectoral Sandpiper

September 28, 2019 - I enjoyed an early morning hike on the coastal barrens. The highlight was a Pectoral Sandpiper. A short down curved bill...
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Monarch and Painted Lady Butterflies

August 13, 2019 - Monarch and Painted Lady Butterflies continue to move through my area. It appears to be a bumper year for Monarch Butter...
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Monarch, Painted Lady and Fritillary Butterflies

August 07, 2019 - It was a good day for butterflies in my area of Nova Scotia. August, September and October always seem to be the most pr...
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White Admiral Butterfly

July 13, 2019 - The White Admiral Butterfly is common and widespread in Nova Scotia. Like all butterflies they don't like to pose. Whit...
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Black Swallowtail

June 11, 2014 - Laura and I were enjoying our picnic lunch behind the Greenwings Legacy Interpretative Centre last Sunday when a butterf...
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