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Eastern Kingbird and Solitary Sandpiper

September 03, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I encountered an Eastern Kingbird, a frustrating bird at times as it insists on sitting on wires with its nose to the wind. The wind always comes from the wrong direction it seems.

Eastern Kingbird

This is a feisty bird like most large flycatchers that will harass raptors that come to close to its nest or young.

Eastern Kingbird 101Eastern Kingbird 101 Eastern Kingbird 102Eastern Kingbird 102

Least Sandpiper  Least Sandpiper 206Least Sandpiper 206

Lesser Yellowlegs Lesser Yellowlegs 200Lesser Yellowlegs 200 Lesser Yellowlegs 201Lesser Yellowlegs 201 Lesser Yellowlegs 202Lesser Yellowlegs 202 Lesser Yellowlegs 203Lesser Yellowlegs 203 Lesser Yellowlegs 204Lesser Yellowlegs 204 Old Pal, a fishing boat I see often along the coast

Old Pal 20Old Pal 20 Old Pal 21Old Pal 21

Semipalmated Plover", a shy bird Semipalmated Sandpiper 104Semipalmated Sandpiper 104

Solitary Sandpiper

Solitary Sandpiper 108Solitary Sandpiper 108 Solitary Sandpiper 109Solitary Sandpiper 109 Solitary Sandpiper 110Solitary Sandpiper 110 Solitary Sandpiper 111Solitary Sandpiper 111 Solitary Sandpiper 112Solitary Sandpiper 112 Solitary Sandpiper 113Solitary Sandpiper 113 Solitary Sandpiper 114Solitary Sandpiper 114 Solitary Sandpiper 115Solitary Sandpiper 115 Solitary Sandpiper 116Solitary Sandpiper 116 Solitary Sandpiper 117Solitary Sandpiper 117 Solitary Sandpiper 118Solitary Sandpiper 118 Solitary Sandpiper 119Solitary Sandpiper 119 Solitary Sandpiper 120Solitary Sandpiper 120 Solitary Sandpiper 121Solitary Sandpiper 121 Solitary Sandpiper 122Solitary Sandpiper 122