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Coastal Nova Scotia

May 28, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

This is a compendium of coastal Nova Scotia photographs. Lack of haze and puffy cumulus clouds are always on order but not always delivered.

Coastal Nova Scotia

Cape Breton Coastline 100Cape Breton Coastline 100SONY DSC Cape Breton Coastline 101Cape Breton Coastline 101SONY DSC Cape Breton Coastline 102Cape Breton Coastline 102SONY DSC Cape Breton Coastline 103Cape Breton Coastline 103SONY DSC Cape Breton Coastline 104Cape Breton Coastline 104SONY DSC Coastal Barrens 200Coastal Barrens 200 Coastal Nova Scotia 100Coastal Nova Scotia 100SONY DSC Coastal Nova Scotia 101Coastal Nova Scotia 101 Coastal Nova Scotia 102Coastal Nova Scotia 102 Coastal Nova Scotia 103Coastal Nova Scotia 103 Coastal Nova Scotia 104Coastal Nova Scotia 104 Coastal Nova Scotia 200Coastal Nova Scotia 200 Coastal Nova Scotia 201Coastal Nova Scotia 201 Coastal Nova Scotia 202Coastal Nova Scotia 202 Coastal Nova Scotia 203Coastal Nova Scotia 203 Coastal Nova Scotia 204Coastal Nova Scotia 204 Coastal Nova Scotia 205Coastal Nova Scotia 205 Coastal Nova Scotia 206Coastal Nova Scotia 206 Coastal Nova Scotia 207Coastal Nova Scotia 207 Duck Reef Loop 100Duck Reef Loop 100 East Ironbound Island 100East Ironbound Island 100SONY DSC East Ironbound Island 101East Ironbound Island 101SONY DSC Feeding Time at Sambro Harbour 100Feeding Time at Sambro Harbour 100SONY DSC Feeding Time at Sambro Harbour 101Feeding Time at Sambro Harbour 101SONY DSC Golden Heather 100Golden Heather 100SONY DSC Golden Heather 101Golden Heather 101SONY DSC Red Soldier Lichen 100Red Soldier Lichen 100SONY DSC Shoreline Rocks 100Shoreline Rocks 100SONY DSC Spotted Sandpiper 2000Spotted Sandpiper 2000SONY DSC Spotted Sandpiper 2001Spotted Sandpiper 2001SONY DSC Troop Island 100Troop Island 100 Troop Island 101Troop Island 101 Troop Island 102Troop Island 102