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Late Winter Sunrise

May 28, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

These photos of sunrises were taken at various locations. At this time of year it requires early rising. Photos are usually most effective at low tide, especially if the receding tide has left a sheen of water on the sand.

The cargo ship sunrise photo is my favourite and was taken through my living room window.

Sunrise in Nova Scotia

Conrad's Beach Sunrise 100Conrad's Beach Sunrise 100 Conrad's Beach Sunrise 101Conrad's Beach Sunrise 101 Conrad's Beach Sunrise 102Conrad's Beach Sunrise 102 Conrad's Beach Sunrise 103Conrad's Beach Sunrise 103 Conrad's Beach Sunrise 104Conrad's Beach Sunrise 104 Conrad's Beach Sunrise 105Conrad's Beach Sunrise 105 Conrad's Beach Sunrise 106Conrad's Beach Sunrise 106 Dawn at Halifax Harbour 100Dawn at Halifax Harbour 100SONY DSC Freighter at Dawn 100Freighter at Dawn 100SONY DSC Winter Sunrise 100Winter Sunrise 100 Winter Sunrise 101Winter Sunrise 101 Winter Sunrise 102Winter Sunrise 102 Winter Sunrise 103Winter Sunrise 103 Winter Sunrise 104Winter Sunrise 104