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Monarch and Painted Lady Butterflies

August 13, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Monarch and Painted Lady Butterflies continue to move through my area. It appears to be a bumper year for Monarch Butterflies. They are everywhere.

Painted Lady Butterflies often visit our Summersweet -clethra bush. One time we had hundreds in the shrub but so far nothing.

Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly 116Monarch Butterfly 116 Monarch Butterfly 117Monarch Butterfly 117 Monarch Butterfly 118Monarch Butterfly 118 Monarch Butterfly 119Monarch Butterfly 119 Monarch Butterfly 120Monarch Butterfly 120 Monarch Butterfly 121Monarch Butterfly 121 Monarch Butterfly 122Monarch Butterfly 122

Painted Lady Butterfly

Painted Lady 54Painted Lady 54 Painted Lady 55Painted Lady 55 Painted Lady 56Painted Lady 56 Painted Lady 57Painted Lady 57 Painted Lady 58Painted Lady 58 Painted Lady 59Painted Lady 59